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Technical Quality Control

Our instruments are tested, serviced, and supported by our own technicians. Have concerns about a potential purchase? Our techs are ready to help so you know you’re making the right choice.

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Real Customer Service

An instrument is only as good as the people behind it. Our customer service team is responsive and available via email or phone. Find our direct extensions on our About Us page

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Descriptive Listings

We openly explain the cosmetic condition, functionality, and technical work performed on our instruments. No guesswork for you or unclear wording from us.

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ISO 14001

MEDISTORE FRANCE begins the process of ISO 14001 certification.
Our company is concerned about the environment and wishes to be an actor in the durable change. Our activity aims to use the devices at the end of their life and repair them in order to give them a second life. In order to prove our will, the certification ISO 14001 is done of our volonter to protect the environment. According to the last IPCC environment report, this becomes essential and MEDISTORE FRANCE tries to reduce waste and greenhouse effects.