DAKO Omnis


Sold without the installation and the external control computer.




Automated IHC and ISH in one workflowDako Omnis meets the challenges in the modern pathology lab head-on to accommodate an increasing number of diverse, advanced staining methods in an increasingly unpredictable working day. Dako Omnis achieves this by automating advanced staining techniques, while using the simplest of user interfaces with little hands-on time.Manage increasing slide volumes with limited resourcesLoad your IHC or ISH cases when convenient and the system informs you which reagents are needed. Just load and walk away.Compensate for increasing fluctuations in workflowProcess an unrivaled 60 IHC slides completely unattended overnight (or 45 IHC plus 15 ISH).Monitor and control your staining workflowMonitor the progress of your run at a glance. Clear visual alerts notify you when user interactions are necessary.