LEICA 2235


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The Leica RM2235 rotary microtome is perfectly suited for those who expect precision sectioning and appreciate the feel and extra measure of control during manual sectioning. The mechanical trimming function, conveniently placed next to the coarse feed wheel, eliminates the need to turn the coarse feed wheel during trimming.

The Leica patented adjustable hand wheel balance system protects the specimen because the object head does not drop into the knife when sectioning is stopped. The hand wheel of the Leica RM2235 microtome runs exceptionally smoothly because it has no balancing weight. Instead, the patented force balancing system uses a spring to compensate the forces generated during sectioning, resulting to effortless operation and uniform hand wheel rotation, as well as much better sectioning results.

Other features of the Leica RM2235 microtome system include: one-piece protective housing, a large 70mm vertical stroke for sectioning of super mega cassettes, support for safer specimen changing due to the greater distance to the knife edge, as well as an optional 8° X/Y precision orientation system with calibrated controls.