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A microtome like no other
Are you struggling to meet the needs of EVERY user in your laboratory? There is finally a solution designed to give users the freedom they want: HistoCore AUTOCUT. The new generation of Leica Biosystems microtomes builds on over 145 years of experience in designing market-leading microtomes. It allows the user to choose their cutting mode according to their personal preferences: automatic, semi-automatic or manual.

Each user can use their favourite cutting mode:
Automatic: motorised cutting with push button
Semi-automatic: push-button advance and retraction of the sample
Manual: Full control for those who enjoy the art of microtomy
Maximise safety in your laboratory: the AUTOCUT improves on previous automatic models with an automatic electronic brake to minimise the risk of injury during use.
Save precious minutes with cleaning time reduced to just a few seconds thanks to the antistatic waste bin.