The Leica SP1600 Saw Microtome is specifically for “cutting” extremely hard and brittle materials such as bone, ceramics and reinforced plastics.

The sawing method used prevents deformations in the sections.

The heart of the microtome is the diamond-coated inner hole saw.

An annular frame makes it excellently stable although it is only 300 μm thick.

To make a section, the object holder is guided extremely slowly against the saw rotating at a speed of approx. 600 rpm.

The built-in water cooling device prevents overheating of the object and removes sawdust from the cutting edge. It also prolongs the life of the saw blade. The amount of water is regulated with a valve.

The section thickness is set manually with a knurled screw on the object arm.

Fully tested, guaranteed to meet original manufacturer’s specifications.

Turning the power switch to the on position of the control box and pressing the start button sends power to the on / off switch for the saw, locks the dome lid and opens the vacuum valve to the vacuum pick up wand when vacuum pump (not included) is on.

The lid latch releases when the unit is plugged in and off.

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