SAKURA Tissue Tek Prisma + Coverslipper Glass G2


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Provide pathologists with your slides faster than ever.  The Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus Automated Slide Stainer remains the highest throughput tissue stainer with up to 530 slides per hour while still producing consistent high quality slides, thanks to the new intelligent scheduler.  Enhanced features include barcode scanning and documentation, reagent grouping and Tissue-Tek® iSupport™ to provide remote diagnostics and quick issue resolve for your peace of mind.

To support pathology laboratories to maintain CAP compliance you can scan the barcode of our first Tissue-Tek Prisma® H&E Stain Kit #1 and automatically log the information of that kit and its components.  The Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus stores and documents the expiration date as well as the time reagents were loaded on the instrument so you can be alerted before expirations, providing another level of patient safety and documentation.

Our H&E stainer utilizes efficient robotics and intuitive software to run multiple protocols simultaneously as well as allowing to prioritize chosen runs with the STAT feature. With the Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus’ flexible choice of 50 colors that can be assigned to reagents or stations, running H&E, PAP or Special Stains has never been easier.  Users can better visually differentiate the stain components and their location within the tissue stainer.  Various stains running at the same time are easily customizable with your choice from 50 user-defined staining protocols, meeting the demands of any pathologist.

Connect the Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus with your choice of  the Tissue-Tek Film® Coverslipper or the Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 Coverslipper a truly integrated, fully automated walkaway staining process from slide baking to slide drying. Your laboratory can now further increase productivity, especially appreciated during daily peak demand hours, further reducing user stress levels by forwarding high quality stained and coverslipped slides to the pathologists faster.