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Get the outstanding tissue quality and proven reliability you expect, as well as a safer, more efficient work environment, with the Thermo Scientific™ Excelsior™ automated tissue dehydration machine that delivers exceptional, enhanced tissue quality with minimal user intervention. To help ensure consistent, high-quality service and results, use Thermo Scientific™ reagents and kerosene.

Better tissue quality
Cassette baskets are gently rotated inside the circular chamber, providing more efficient agitation than a turbine
Reagents can be preheated to 35°C, minimizing tissue shock and facilitating reagent penetration
Significant savings on reagent costs
Alcohol quality measurement allows you to extend the life of your reagent and achieve substantial savings
Automatic reagent rotation, using a proven system, further extends reagent life
Streamline your workflow and increase productivity
Reduce maintenance time by replacing a single vial of each reagent, rather than all vials
Pump new reagents directly into the instrument for preparation from your supplier’s vials-no pouring, no waste and no fumes
Perform rapid biopsies during the day and conventional programs at night
Compatible with xylene-free processes (IPA), as well as conventional reagents

Tissue safe – Operator safe
When the chamber is open, a fan draws vapors through a filter to protect users from formaldehyde exposure
Vapors from the cabinet are also extracted through filters to protect users from alcohol, xylene and formaldehyde
Waste kerosene can be disposed of by simply disposing of a plastic tray-no kerosene spills and no burns
Power outages are no longer a problem; Excelsior guarantees the safety of your fabrics with a battery backup

Easy to learn and use
The brand new touch screen interface is intuitive and easy to learn
Intelligent software makes it easier to avoid errors that affect fabric quality
Designed for reliability and peace of mind
The Excelsior AS tissue preparation instrument represents engineering improvements from over 10 years of service history
IT solutions for laboratory integration and simplified reporting
A full range of reports are available for routine data recording, quality assessment, statutory reporting and troubleshooting

Reports are easily downloaded via a USB drive
Messages can be automatically sent to the laboratory information system
Remote alarms ensure that all problems are immediately resolved
The Epredia™ NetMon™ II monitoring system allows for remote diagnostics via a secure, HIPPA-compliant Internet connection for immediate identification and resolution