THERMO SCIENTIFIC Shandon histocentre 3


Good condition. Working well


  • Smart embedding module
  • Easy to operate
  • Large, touch screen display
  • Front control panel settings
  • Preset timers for remote power up

The Shandon Histocentre 3 is a two-piece modular histology embedding center. Equipped with its smart and automated features, the Histocentre highly improves the workflow in histology laboratories and increases overall productivities.

The Histocentre 3 embedding system carries an excellent embedding module with an easy-to-use touchscreen display and a low-profile working surface. Through a smart-timer digital control, the unit is at temperature and ready for use when you arrive at work, and at the end of the day, turns itself off automatically. Another system attribute is the auto-on light setting for automated illumination when dispensing paraffin. The light switches off after embedding.

The Shandon Histocentre 3 is designed with operator comfort in mind. The system features an easy-to-drain tissue storage tank, which reduces specimen contamination and makes cleaning easy. The large storage tank features a removable lid. The Histocentre 3’s paraffin tank has a fast melting 5-liter capacity. Waste Wax is stored then drained through a valve and hose for simple, clean disposal.

The cold plate module of the Histocentre 3 also has a low-profile working surface. Along with a quiet refrigeration system, this module also has a large 14” x 16” cold surface to accommodate approximately 72 standard 2” x 1.5” molds. In less than 30 minutes, the module achieves temperature required and maintains it within ±5°C.