THERMO SHANDON Varistain 24-4 K


Automatic slide stainer designed for single and double loading, or continuous flow
Compact benchtop unit with user specified water stations for your routine applications.
Stations hold 750 ml containers that can be filled up to 355 ml for 10 slide holders.
Used in cytology, hematology and histology laboratories.

– Stains 64 slides per basket, potentially 1536 (64 x 24) slides/cycle
– Saves and runs either three 24-step programs or six 12-step programs
– Allows you to program the precise duration of your stations in minutes and seconds
– Pass function allows you to run two programs while using the same reagents
– Compact design saves bench space
– Turntable rotates for easy access to stations at the back of the unit
– Provides reliable results cycle after cycle
– Compatible with most slide gluers
– Thermo Scientific™ Varistain™ 24-4K models are configured for continuous staining

Physical Specifications
– Dimensions (D x W x H): 74 x 74 x 51 cm [65 cm raised].
– Tray diameter: 86 cm
– Weight: 60 kg
– Power requirement: 50 VA

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