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With the introduction of the 6th generation VIP®, which is equipped with a new reagent management system, Sakura makes traditional tissue processing more reliable, safe and easy. With the Reagent Management System, including 2 x 10.8 L side tanks, reagent and kerosene transfer, automated disposal of used kerosene into a waste garbage can, a Solution Manager and truly intuitive software, Sakura exceeds your expectations. This latest generation of the traditional impregnation machine simplifies the use of the system, and increases safety for the user, without compromising quality and reliability.
The addition of unparalleled features to the most reliable of traditional processing machines will increase the quality of processes within your laboratory.

Tissue-Tek® VIP® 6 Inclusion System offers you:
– A highly reliable instrument
– Impeccable tissue processing
– Minimized exposure to reagents
– Eliminate the risk of tissue drying
– Unmatched ease of use

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